December 09, 2004

Spoiled Milk (Or Christmas Really Fucking Sucks When You Don't Have A Job)

Overheard at the grocery store the other day:

Sweet Alice: Go grab a half a gallon of milk, will ya.

Me: Can we afford milk?

Sweet Alice: Shut up, asshole. What's the expiration date?

Me: January 22nd. Man, I hope I have a job by the time this milk expires.

Sorry, that's all I've got for now. Also, I promise not to continuously post about my unemployment. Really. Just because I'm depressed and near suicidal doesn't mean you should be too. Merry Christmas!

Thanks to Pixy Misa and Jennifer for getting me back up and blogging. You would have never heard from me again if it wasn't for them. You only have them to blame. I always thought the Munuvians were a bunch of pompous jackasses. Well, I was wrong (mostly) and am proud to be amongst the ranks of such a proud, pompous bunch of jackasses.

Feel better, Jen.

Pixy - You're a god.

Now let the linking to me begin!

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